Math Drill of UN SMA 2011 Package 5 Social Program

| Monday, February 21, 2011

If traditional flashcards aren't enough to inspire your kids to practice math facts, try these fun alternatives. Helping your child learn math facts now will make more advanced math so much easier. Have fun!
Math is an important part of our everyday life. Kids should be well introduced with it from the very early ages. It's not obvious that they learn counting and the math basics only when they get admitted in to schools but you should start teaching them all this stuff even when they have not been admitted in to schools.
This is really going to help your kid afterwards when he grows up and enters into higher levels. Because if the basics are strong only then a kid is going to have interest in this subject and his/her skills are going to be strong at math.
Founders of project on em>moral education has made an effort to introduce a revolutionary idea of making kids learn math through math stories, math games and math nursery rhymes.

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