Solutions of Latihan UN SMA 2012-Japanese

| Saturday, February 18, 2012

Japanese language has become on of the spoken languages in Asia. If you are in business field, it is better for you to understand Japanese since it becomes the major language in business. If your children are a future travel and business person, it is better for you to prepare them since they are young. Teach your children to speak and understand Japanese language can be the important step.
Whatever your motivation is, you can follow these tips to teach the Japanese language for your children. The first thing you can do in teaching your children is asking your children to listen the Japanese audio books. You should accompany your children during this process. There are some CDs which come with the book. You should accompany your children while listening to the CD. Always invite your children to repeat the key word or the phrases. By doing this, your children can learn to pronounce and recognize them by listening.

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